(not so) #SexySnippets where Maisie has to decide her future

Hello again. It's the day for those seven sentences. #SexySnippets. As mine aren't usually very sexy, I tend to put (not so) 😉 After all, I don't want annoy to feel short changed.

So here's this week's sentences (unedited word vomit from Maisie's Story)

It was all very well falling on her feet like she had, and be told 'here's the job, here's a house and we look forward to seeing you the week before term starts but it was all happening too fast.

Did she really want to exchange exhaust fumes, the smell of the brewery and sirens for fresh air and no noise pollution?

Maisie decided to take a leaf out of her best mate's book and make some lists. For and against. 

And whatever went on them she would not add the vicar. He might be hot as hades and the sort of bloke who could make her purr, but he had to be out of bounds.

After all, with his position in the community—and if she took the job, hers—they couldn't be caught scorching the sheets out of wedlo…

#MidWeekTease where Guido wonders what the...?

Hi again. It's #MidWeekTease time

This week, I'm taking you all to my favourite city in the world. Hong Kong.

Where Rachel has gone with Guido and Guido is not a happy bloke.

Guido shook her awake. ‘I have coffee. You have a red cheek where your kindle has rested whilst you slept. It makes you look cute.’ ‘Cute? Like a kitten or something? Yuk.’ She moved her kindle to one side. Guido took it from her and placed it on the bedside table. ‘Not the best way to sleep.’ ‘True enough.’ Rachel struggled up onto her elbows and wriggled back to rest her head on the headboard. ‘I must have dropped off. The last thing I remember is reading the prologue.’ ‘So exciting it sent you to sleep?’ She laughed and wished she didn’t have bed hair or sleep breath. ‘That’s probably the jet lag.’ Then I wish I could let you sleep longer but you would not sleep tonight if I did. And you have an appointment with Miss Tu in an hour.’ He sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her cheek. ‘You do appear rested.’ R…

#SexySnippets where Rachel is up against a determined man

Hello again and welcome to a belated #SexySnippets (My apologies)

This week, I'm in the middle of what next, so I'm going to tease you along those lines...

(From The Italian Count's Contrary Wife, where Rachel is about to realise she's not getting it all her own way)

‘Because if you don’t help me, I’ll put it about that you stole something very precious from me when you left.’ Now she was hearing things. ‘You’re mad; I took nothing.’ He smiled again and it was the nasty smile that put the fear of god into his enemies—and, she allowed, into her. ‘You know that, I know that, but no one else does.’ ‘Blackmail?’