#SexySnippets with a dream and a prosaic male.

I'm snippet-ing from a WIP

'I've always wanted a swing in the garden. It's so relaxing just to sway back and forth and look at the way the sun shines through the leaves and creates mysterious patterns' She traced the strands of the thick, fraying, ropes that hung down from the ancient oak tree, a think plank of wood between them. The rough material scratched and sent tingles down her spine.

Sadly not the sort of tingles she really wanted.

'Not when it breaks—or it rains'

Typical male. 

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#MidWeekTease with no knickers ad a hot bod alert...

I just had to put that^^^ up
My hero and heroine are getting very aware of each other.


Well, it's a bit of a turn up for the books (well, Lottie's book) just how things are going...

So I might as well tease you from there

Lottie, Gibb, and the others are discussing vices after Maddie and Dex's twins cussed...

#MIdWeekTease where we first meet Lottie Botte

I'm busy writing Lottie's story who we first meet in New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett

So for this week's tease I thought I'd show you just what Lottie is like when we first meet her in Bryony's story.

(Bryony is in charge of the craft shop)

Five minutes before she was due to turn the sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’, her day took a turn for the worse. Lottie Botte—it had to be her, she was the female equivalent of Dario—swanned in and glared when she saw Bryony. ‘You,’ she said, in a voice to cut ice. ‘You’re that woman who bought Cliff Cottage and gazumped my brother. You were pointed out to me. What are you doing here?’ Definitely Lottie. Bryony decided she’d had enough of being portrayed as a femme fatale or seducer of innocents, so she might as well act the part. ‘Plotting to seduce your brother, what else? Corrupt him and get him to be my slave.’ And if Lottie thought that remotely likely she was stupider than Bryony thought possible. ‘Have him on his knees, begging…

#TantalizingTuesdays...My Love

So I saw this on pinterest and I just knew the story

hope you enjoy it

~~~The view was perfect.

Romantic, exciting, a view for lovers. She leant against him, wine in hand and sighed. ‘It’s perfect eh? Somewhere to go and dream.’ Annouska turned and kissed her lover on his lips. Her touch seared his skin. Marked him, made him shiver. ‘My love.’ She laughed, low and sultry. ‘My love.’ Her heat seared his soul. This was one of those times he would gladly give up everything just to... ‘Damian?’ Her voice was soft, curled round him and comforted him like a soft secure comfort blanket. He turned. Kissed her nose. ‘I’m here.’ Annouska snuggled in, her wine forgotten. ‘I am so glad. The fact we can sit, look at that view and dream.’ ‘I can make that dream a reality,’ he said urgently. ‘Just say the word and we’ll go. It’s not far.’ And I’ll take you to the ends of the world if that’s what you want. Her smile was bitter sweet. ‘I know you would. And I wish..’ Her voice trailed off and she tightened her gri…

#SexySnippets, where Lottie wonders if she dare...

Hi All, as I'm working on Lottie's story—who you met in to New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett—I thought I'd do a tease from there.

It's not a follow up, and both stories are independent stand alones but if you've read Bryony (and if you haven't it's on Amazon) you'll know Lottie... wink

Set in glorious Devon, Lottie's life has turned on its head. Can she cope?