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#SexySnippets where my heroine wonders if it was worth it..

Hi all.

Now I'm sure you're about to groan as I say, did you know I had my first book as Katy Lilley out this week? The new side of me, unleashed onto the unsuspecting public.
(New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett, from Manatee Books and it's on Amazon in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, (I just love that word, even if it's not needed), I'm now around 20k into my next book, working title, Lottie's Story so here's your seven sentences. (Sadly not sexy, but hey ho.)

Lottie, and company are, shall we say, a bit under the weather wink

‘Lottie you swored,’ Bryony said with a hiccup. ‘A rudy word.’ She opened her eyes wide. ‘That’s naughty,’ she said and yawned. ‘Who made me have more than my two glasses eh? I’m a cheap date, two is  my limit.’

Is it a dog or a floor mop? Publication day for New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett

I know, it's all I've been going on about for weeks, but today is the day, and I'm a tad excited...

I have fizz...

My poor husband has watched, bemused as I put the milk in the cupboard and the cutlery in the fridge. Luckily he made the coffee or goodness knows what we would have ended up with. Gravy granules probably.

Distracted? Moi? Er yes.

It was a big jump for me to embrace this new side of me. And a big leap of faith for Manatee Books to accept it for publication. Thank you Lisa and Liz.

And just to show you I am sort of with it, here's a picture of  Mop

(source pinterest)

and Devon

and last but not least... The buy links here
and .com here
and kisses from me 

#MidWeekTease with Lottie in a mood and Bryony on the end of it...

Welcome to my #MidWeekTease

Where, as New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett comes out tomorrow, cue nail biting dancing on the ceiling, and chilling the fizz, I'm teasing you from.

Lottie, who is the heroine (yes really) of the next book, is telling Bryony just what she thinks of her...

But first... the blurb

When Bryony Bennett’s godmother dies and leaves her a huge inheritance, Bryony jumps at the chance to get away from it all and start again.
She packs up her life and moves into the (almost) idyllic Cliff Cottage…only to find that starting over is never quite as simple as you imagine. Faced with grumpy neighbours, hostile locals and more than her fair share of disasters, Bryony embarks on a mission to make sure her new life is everything she wants it to be…but will she ever win over the locals and truly be happy in her new life?
and your #MidWeekTease
Five minutes before she was due to turn the sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’, her day took a turn for the worse. Lottie Botte—it had to be he…

Monday Musings...The nail biting, worrying, exciting build up amongst other things.

Okay, I am going on a bit. but its that or send my other half demented. I nudge him. (probably not a god idea when he's holding a cuppa but...) I say what if no one buys my book.
I mean to me it's the perfect companion to a coffee, and if you go for the eBook it costs less But when I worry, he rolls his eyes (metaphorically.)

Says, 'why shouldn't they? But if they don't, then they don't.'


I'm wound up enough as it is.

This writing lark is so not as easy as lots of people think. If I had a pound for every time I got the ohh I'd write a book if I had the time etc... Well...

But this blog isn't about that. It's about the squirrel on the bird nuts. A baby one who got scared by a blue tit.

About the lambs in the field yesterday who were trying to get out and herded back by their mum.

About the fact I'm now getting back into my routine after the most fantastic holiday in Barbados where I wrote sitting outside, watching the monkeys with a t…

#SexySnippets where I'm teasing you with Lottie and her attitude.

Hi everyone. Well I hope someone is reading this.

This week's #SexySnippets is still from New Beginnings of Bryony Bennett. 

Out on 24th and you can preorder it on Amazon (pretty please)
.com here and here
I'm both nervous and exited about this new direction, but I do feel like a 'newbie' all over again, It's still my voice, just a bit different.
Anyway, Lottie, who is the heroine of my next book (WIP) first pops up in this book so I thought I would give you a taste of Lottie for this weeks seven sentences
Blurb... When Bryony Bennett’s godmother dies and leaves her a huge inheritance, Bryony jumps at the chance to get away from it all and start again.